Nick Berry Articles

Building a Sticky Business Culture Using Five Key Checkpoints

Five key checkpoints to create awareness and reinforce culture in your business. Learn to address business culture problems effectively.

Learn to Recognize and Prepare for Leadership Opportunities

Enhance your leadership by recognizing, preparing for, and being intentional in leadership opportunities. Learn how to make each interaction impactful.

Nick Berry Joins the Life Intended Podcast with Kelly Berry

Nick Berry's insights on agency, accountability, and resilience in leadership on Life Intended podcast. Practical advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Power of an Optimized Google Business Profile in 2024

Full article published on SmallBusinessExpo February 21, 2024 (Nick Berry). A Google Business Profile is a proven game-changer for small businesses. Here's what it means to have an optimized GBP and how to leverage its power.

Strategies to Establish Local Business Authority and Stand Out

Full article published on SmallBusinessExpo March 6, 2024 (Nick Berry). Your business's online presence can outshine competitors and become the community's top choice.

Nick Berry Joins Profit First Podcast with Mike Michalowicz

Full article and podcast published on Nick Berry and Ryan Ketchum join the Profit First Podcast with Mike Michalowicz.

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How Marketing Agencies are Outsourcing Content Writing For Growth

Agencies are looking for good SEO content, fast. They want to scale and writing is their biggest bottleneck. The right blend of human + AI might be the formula their looking for.

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The Complete 2024 Business Owner's Guide to Google Business Profile

Small businesses are overlooking the low-hanging fruit for visibility and trust. We put together this guide to get anyone up to speed. We included answers to some of the tougher FAQs and a GBP Optimization Checklist.

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The Fitness Revolution Business Playbook

How we combined vision, values, and a business operating system to level the playing field for an entire market segment of independent owner/operators in the fitness industry.

Marketing Strategy, Building a Total Online Presence

Debbie Oster: Marketing Strategist, Fractional CMO, and co-Founder of Entrepreneur's Edge

Debbie's methodology for strategy-crafting for businesses is unique and highly effective.

'Audience Attraction Audit' from SEOContentSurge

(I love this tool.) Test your website messaging to see if it's speaking to your target audience. It also suggests content topics that would appeal to your audience.