My Core Values

Core Values as Guiding Principles

I believe in Core Values being more than statements. I believe Core Values should be the principles that guide every strategy, every action, every partnership, and so on. They are 'how we do things'.

Below are my Core Values which I've brought into every business I've been involved with.  

Deliver ‘Kindness’

There’s a difference in being ‘nice’ and being ‘kind.  ‘Niceness’ is staying in the comfort zone, avoiding constructive criticism, delaying addressing problems, and offering partial, unchallenging feedback.  ‘Kindness’ is outside of the comfort zone, challenging and amplifying strengths, addressing issues promptly, and giving the objective feedback which is necessary in order to be successful.  We have the responsibility to see and tell them what others can’t or won’t.  


Do What We Say We're Going to Do

Dependability is a sign of strong character and a consistent characteristic of highly respected and successful people both in business and life. Not only do we hold our employees to the highest standard of dependability and accountability, but we make sure that our company is held to that same standard in the work we do with our clients.  


Deliver Extraordinary Value and Service

Delivering extraordinary value and service is the constant guiding force in the work we do both inside and outside of our team. Our goal is not just to give someone more than what they need; rather, it is to make them so happy with their decision to be involved with us that they can only say ‘wow’.  


Relentless Pursuit of Growth

As individuals and as a team, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the knowledge, skills, and processes of everyone who is impacted by what we do every day.  We will always be “Relentless” in our quest for self-improvement.  


Nick Berry Round Headshot

Nick Berry is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO, whose track record includes founding and leading numerous companies since 2002.

He is also a mentor and coach to other entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a trusted (and proven) advisor.  

Among peers, colleagues, staff, and clients, Nick has been referred to as both 'The Business Guy' as well as 'The Anti-Guru', due to his pragmatic approach and principled leadership.

He shares his insights and lessons learned, along with those of his expert guests,
on his podcast, 'The Business Owner's Journey'.