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Nick Berry

A Reputation of Leadership

For over two decades, Nick Berry has been involved at the ownership level in dozens of businesses. He's been a mentor, advisor, or consultant to hundreds of others, and his companies have served thousands more.

Nick is known among peers, colleagues, staff, clients, and even competitors, as a leader with character and purpose. A leader who brings out the best in both performance and values in businesses, teams, and individuals.

What Business Owners Say About Nick Berry

Nick Berry and Mike Michalowicz taking a quick pose for pics between sessions at EFPS Chicago.

Mike Michalowicz, Entrepreneur, Author

“Nick and the Team at Fitness Revolution have their customers on the leading edge of business ownership in the fitness industry.  Their Fitness Business Alignment System methodology is the perfect operating system for fitness businesses, and really for any small business.  When you implement their system your business starts to run like the well-oiled machine you’ve been looking for all along.  

If you’re not using it, you need to hope that your competition isn’t either.”

Art Petty, Leadership & Executive Coach, Author

"Nick Berry is a savvy executive committed to serving his clients and building the team, organization, and business system that encourages great people to give their best.

He is as passionate about supporting and developing his colleagues as he is about serving his clients.

Nick challenges and coaches people to explore, learn, and grow. He infuses his culture with accountability and constantly strives to model the behaviors that showcase his values and commitment to great leadership."

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Nick since 2005.

His integrity, commitment, and pragmatic approach inspire respect and admiration, making him a true asset to any entrepreneurial endeavor.

His knack for identifying and integrating innovative technologies into his businesses early on is one of the many things that sets him apart. That and his ability to steer multiple ventures with a steady hand, thanks to his clear vision and effective management style, is second-to-none.

While he’s been behind the scenes for years, he's the driving force, making strategic decisions that propel his teams and businesses forward.

But I think the biggest compliment I can pay him is this: Nick Berry is as trustworthy as they come. If Nick says he’s going to do something, it’s as good as done. If you place your trust in him in any way shape or form, he’s going to deliver the goods.

I’ve known that to be true for almost 20 years now."

Jim Labadie, Entrepreneur & Founder

Brett Bartholomew Round Headshot
"Nick is one of the easiest people to talk to that I've ever met. He shows up prepared, he's always personal, and he's always extremely professional. Taking time to do this is not only worth your time, but every ounce of effort that you give.

There are so many canned conversations in the podcast world. Nick did a refreshing job of keeping it unique, personal, detailed, and professional. He makes it easy for you to open up, speak authentically, and share what you know best with the audience.

Brett Bartholomew (an expert on communication, btw 😃)
Founder Art of Coaching™, Author, Speaker

Nick is the type of person that’s great to have in your corner as an entrepreneur.

He’s one of these people who just “get’s it”, who already has enough prior experience and solid mental models for how business people, and the broader systems they exist in work, such that he can quickly become acclimated to new business models and channels. In other words, he’s not the type of person you have to spend forever “bringing up to speed”, but rather the sort who can quickly get their bearings and start offering value.  

One of the key things that comes across when you’re talking to Nick is that he’s really humble. I mean, the guy has built companies that have landed on the INC5000 multiple times, but you don’t get the sense you’re talking to someone with a big ego. It’s clear he still has a thirst for knowledge and wants to grow and surround himself with great people.  

He also happens to be a good connector, the type of person who won’t hesitate to introduce you to other people who could be valuable collaborators or help you move faster."  

Austin Mullins
Conversion Media

Ryan Ketchum, VP of Sales and Co-Founder of Woven, and Sales Coach

"...I've seen Nick go through it all. We went through multiple business transitions, starting new businesses, acquiring new businesses, growing businesses, digging them out of tough spots, we did all that together and when it comes down to it, there's not another person I'd want to be in the trenches with doing that.

And Nick is still someone that I would come to today if I needed help or guidance, getting out of a tricky situation, just someone to help me solve a problem..."
Dave 'The Bandman' Schmitz Bio headshot

Dave 'The Bandman' Schmitz
Founder of
Resistance Band Training Systems

As a new small business entrepreneur, having Nick Berry as a partner, mentor and friend early on, provided me with the startup guidance needed to set up an efficient operational structure and systems while also helping create the vision needed to make Resistance Band Training Systems. LLC a 20+ year small business success story.

Nick’s unique ability to identify system weaknesses, shifts in the market and new customer opportunities allowed us to quickly adapt and create proactive solutions based on solid numbers.

However his greatest coaching strength is his ability to build long lasting business and personal relationships with timely, consistent and direct communication.

Thanks to Nick setting the standard, this relationship building approach has and continues to be a core fundamental advantage for RBT.

I will always be grateful for Nick’s guidance and support in creating a small business that over the years has provided me with the fitness platform to help 1000’s of people get better while personally allowing my wife Karen and I the freedom to be available to raise 3 very successful adult children.
"...If you've got a business that you want to make great, Nick is the guy to help you with that. He's extraordinary with creating systems, processes, and seeing things bigger than what you've seen yourself.

He takes the time to figure out what's working for you, what's not, where you need the help.

I've been very, very impressed."
Brian Grasso and Carrie Round Headshot
"I've known Nick Berry for nearly 20 years and had the pleasure of owning and operating extremely large and successful companies with him during that time.

From a leadership perspective, Nick is as calming a presence as I've ever encountered. His steady and pragmatic nature provides each Team Member or client with a sense of optimism and certainty - very rare qualities in the entrepreneurial space, While some leaders project motivation and incitement, it's Nick's quiet confidence that sets him apart and creates an environment of belief among all those he leads.

From a business perspective, he is as acute and perceptive a man as I've ever known and sits at the top of my list of greatest business minds I have ever worked with."

Dr. Brian Grasso
Co-Founder (and Visionary),
Brian & Carrie Inc
"...If you've got a business that you want to make great, Nick is the guy to help you with that. He's extraordinary with creating systems, processes, and seeing things bigger than what you've seen yourself.

He takes the time to figure out what's working for you, what's not, where you need the help.

I've been very, very impressed."

Joe Rouse,
Family Man & Founder of
Breakaway Fitness and Performance, LLC

Dean Carlson Headshot

Dean Carlson, Owner of GetFit NH

"Nick is both a sounding board and a problem solver.

His never ending desire to get better is both an example and motivational.

I don't think I can overstate the impact Nick has had on our business, from both an operational and financial standpoint. We grew from a small part-time business serving about 30 clients to a multi-location company serving nearly 15 times that, with revenues that increased over 25 fold. One of the toughest decisions I ever made was to sell one of those locations, but again Nick was right there guiding me through the decision making process.

One of the most gratifying things about the whole journey has been seeing that business thrive under new ownership.  The fact that we had built a valuable business that was worth a significant amount of money and a cash flow that made it desirable to purchase doesn't hurt either.

I truly believe all that doesn't happen without Nick. You owe it to yourself to check out how he can help you too."

"Sometimes a leader just tells people what to do. More rare is the leader that empowers and builds a team to thrive. Fitness Consulting Group, clearly a success story, has that kind of leader in CEO Nick Berry."
Michael Strickland Executive Coach and Vistage Chair

Michael Strickland, Executive Coach and Vistage Chair

"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Nick for over the past 6 years. His mentorship has been invaluable to me and enriched my life both personally and professionally.

Working alongside him has given me insight into Nick’s skilled balance as a leader. It is an art to be able to listen intently, ask valuable thought provoking questions, give constructive criticism, all while steering the ship towards its true north.

As a leader Nick showed the importance of marrying the discipline of building a business with the finesse of building people. These human interaction skills in combination with his business expertise and experience garner a trusted respect from those around him."

Asa Ivers, Business Coach, Fitness Revolution
Asa Ivers Headshot
David Crump Round headshot
"Nick is the guy you go to when you have a problem that you can't even articulate.

He has a unique way of understanding the situation, labeling the issue, and guiding you to the right course of action while also making you feel like it was your idea all along. I'm often impressed by his ability to strike the perfect balance of seasoned business operator and genuine human being in each coaching session.

His continual mentorship over time has been pivotal in helping me grow personally and professionally, and I can't imagine not having him in my corner."

David Crump
Co-Owner, Axiom Fitness Academy
"During my six years of working with Nick at Fitness Revolution, it was like getting your master’s in business. He’d rather teach you how to do something than do it for you. He knew (and knows) that life and business are about taking risks, but you better have done your homework first to justify taking that risk.

Nick is the true definition of a leader, coach, and mentor. He’s willing to be the example, even if it includes getting in the trenches and getting his hands dirty. He’s willing to spend the extra time to nurture, develop, and coach someone up.

I’m not too sure what Nick saw in me to offer me a job fresh out of college, but I guess that’s what makes him who he is."
Coach Dee Leavell Headshot

Dee Leavell, Next Leavell Inspiration, Mindset Coach

Debbie Oster Round Headshot

Debbie Oster, Marketing Strategist, fCMO, and Co-Founder,

"Working with Nick Berry has been an invaluable experience. Nick inspires and empowers, fostering a culture of excellence and respect.

His blend of strategic insight, creative problem-solving, and leadership excellence has been a driving force behind our achievements.

I am immensely grateful for his mentorship and look forward to our continued success together."

"Nick has a unique skill of drilling down to the core of a problem. His no-nonsense approach provides you with the clarity to attack the most important issues in your business."

CJ Easter, Founder,
Co-Founder, Lead Engine Marketing

Julie Hatfield, IYCA Brand Executive

Julie Hatfield, Brand Executive,

"A true leader, coach and mentor. Nick Berry isn't ok with being mediocre, its about being the best you can be, its about being the change not demanding the change. He leads by example and action, and when you work for him or along side him, you want to become better because of him.

Nick is passionate about his relationships, teams and their growth, this selflessness is rare amongst many leaders. This is something that stands out about him.  It's something that makes him a great CEO.

Nick's ability to make decisions and move businesses forward is noteworthy, he's consistent in his ability to get the right answers and direct you down the best path."

"Nick has been the CEO of my coaching group as well as my licensee organization for numerous years. His leadership skills, both his direct coaching and indirect development of his staff, have been critical to our success.

Nick has continually worked to develop ways for us as business owners to measure our progress and own our businesses versus them owning us."
Jared Markiewicz Headshot

Jared Markiewicz, Speaker, Owner
FIT 4 Life & Functional Integrated Training

Ryan Morgan head shot
"Nick has been a coach and mentor of mine since I started my business in 2011.

His guidance as well as the guidance of his team allowed me to see a bigger vision for my future than just being a personal trainer who owned a gym and showed up to coach every session.
I went from thinking "How can I possibly do this all?" to "How can I set up my business so that it runs without me having to do it all?"

He taught me how to think of my business as something that could provide both the income and the lifestyle I desired as long as I followed his advice and set up the systems for service, management, sales, and marketing the right way.

I worked through dozens of issues and opportunities with Nick as the leader of my mastermind group and he helped me problem-solve and gain clarity on many of them through the years.

Even today, I think of Nick as someone I can rely on to provide perspective and clarity around tough decisions.

Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to merge my company with another much larger company, and Nick was the first person I thought of who I needed to call!"

Founder & CEO, Vibrant Life

Marshall Ray, Entrepreneur

"The difference with Nick and everyone else is his ability to help you create a clear vision and ensure that everything you do takes you towards that goal.

This has led to much of my current success and I'm confident it will lead to far greater success in the future."

"Working with Nick will help take your business to the next level. Rather than trying to learn it all by yourself, you can lean on a trusted expert to help you grow and evolve."

Mike Robertson, Robertson Training Systems / Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training

Awards and Media Recognition

  • Inc5000 - #580 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies
  • American Business Awards: Company of the Year – Business Services, Bronze
  • Inc5000 - #943 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies.
  • American Business Awards: Company of the Year – Business Services, Bronze
  • American Business Awards:: Best New Company of the Year, Bronze
  • #20 Best Places to Work in Kentucky, Small Businesses, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • #23 Best Places to Work in Kentucky, Small Businesses, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • #14 Best Places to Work in Kentucky, Small Businesses, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Inc5000: #2101 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies
  • Inc5000: #4276 of Inc 5000 fastest growing US companies
  • Franchise Business Review: 3x #1 Fitness Franchise in terms of Franchisee Satisfaction
  • American Business Awards: Best New Company of the Year, Silver
  • American Business Awards: Best New Company of the Year, Bronze
  • Franchise Business Review: Top 100 Franchises for Veterans
  • Entrepreneur: #1 Personal Training Franchise, #193 Franchise 500, #99 Fastest Growing Franchises, #5 Top New Franchises
  • Entrepreneur: #308 Franchise 500
  • Entrepreneur: #296 Franchise 500,  #16 Top New Franchises
  • Entrepreneur: #273 Franchise 500
  • SmartCompany named Fitness Revolution "Top five franchises emerging from the US"
  • NBC News: Fitness Revolution featured "Meet the Breakout Stars Behind the 9 Fastest-Growing Franchises"
  • featured Fitness Revolution "Looking for an Investment? Here Are 9 of the Best Franchises in America"
  • featured Fitness Consulting Group and Nick Berry "Punching Above Its Weight, the Boutique Fitness Franchise Trend Is Taking Off"
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