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About the Podcast and Audience

Podcast Release Date: June 2024

The Business Owner’s Journey is a podcast for business owners who are driven to grow and improve and are looking for their next breakthrough ‘Aha!’ moment. 

I won’t sugarcoat it: The path of a business owner can be tough. It’s complex, uncertain, and always evolving.  And it’s made harder if you try to figure it all out alone. 

But it can also be incredibly exciting and fulfilling, especially when you learn to prepare yourself for the challenges.

We're here to shorten the learning curve for entrepreneurs and business owners by getting other experienced business owners to pull back the curtain and share their hard-earned lessons learned.

I've got real business owners
Telling their real stories
Sharing real lessons and strategies.

We're crowdsourcing experience and ideas so others can shorten their learning curve and move forward faster.

- Nick Berry

The Topics

We'll cover business topics like strategy, leadership, tools and resources, ideas and opportunities, and we'll be bringing on other entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators to share their stories, challenges, leadership practices, winning strategies and lessons learned.

I'll also be sharing the tools and frameworks I use to start, grow, and scale without handcuffing myself to a job. These are the tools that helped us get organized and efficient, and get leaders in place to operate our businesses.

The Guests

Business Owner's Journey will feature a wide range of guests, all with lessons and insights that other business owners need to hear.

Startup founders, entrepreneurs, and owners from small, mid, and big businesses.

Leaders and members in peer and mastermind programs like Vistage, Entrepreneur's Organization, Hampton, and others.

Established experts, including coaches, authors, consultants, and mentors, with expertise in everything from personal branding to franchising, from leadership to technology.

We're talking business with people who know things that you need to know.

Would you or someone you know be a great fit for the show? Let us know here.

Brett Bartholomew Round Headshot
"Nick is one of the easiest people to talk to that I've ever met.
He makes it easy for you to open up, speak authentically, and share what you know best with the audience."

Brett Bartholomew (an expert on communication, btw 😃)
‍Founder Art of Coaching

The Host

I (Nick Berry) am an entrepreneur, CEO, author, and the host of the Business Owner's Journey podcast. I also mentor and coach other entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a trusted (and proven) advisor.  

If you need a longer version, you can find more about me here, but here's the gist: I have two decades of experience as a business owner, and a great deal of that experience has been working with business owners and equipping them with the skills to handle the challenges and uncertainty they face along their path.

I've had dozens of businesses and business partners, hundreds of employees, a few successful exits, and a few floundered. I love recurring revenue. We've been recognized for growth, culture, and client satisfaction. And it's been 100% bootstrapped.

I’ll share my knowledge, experience of failures and successes, along with the tools and frameworks that I use.

So, yes, I've got some battlescars. I'll share everything I know and every lesson I've learned (and continue to learn).

I'll also surface lessons and insights directly from seasoned business leaders that they've used to solve the challenges and succeed in the complex world of business.

Backstory to Business Owner's Journey Podcast

My goal with this podcast is to shorten the learning curve for business owners. To give them speed. That means helping them anticipate and prepare for the challenges - most of them predictable - that lay ahead on their journey.

I've spent the majority of my career supporting business owners. I've created strategic frameworks, training curriculum, written books, built custom software, dozens of tools and resources, and hosted hundreds of events and workshops to in doing so.

One of my companies, Fitness Revolution, has been providing 1-on-1 business coaching, mastermind groups, and curriculum for business owners in the fitness industry. We’ve put thousands of business owners through our programs in the last 14 years.

I know the journey well, and I know it from many angles.

More About Nick Berry

Nick Berry is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO, whose track record includes founding and leading numerous companies to since 2002.

Nick is married to Kelly Berry. He and Kelly have been married since 2007, and been business partners since 2012. They have one daughter, Vivienne Berry.

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Kelly Berry and Nick Berry
Kelly Berry and Nick Berry
Nick and Kelly Berry accepting Best Places to Work Award for Fitness Consulting Group.
Nick and Kelly Berry accepting Best Places to Work Award.