About Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew is the founder of Art of Coaching, a company which teaches communication strategy to leaders. He is also a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and renowned performance coach. His work spans across the domains of leadership, communication, and human behavior, making him a pivotal figure in these fields. Brett's journey into the intricacies of communication and power dynamics began after a life-threatening experience in his youth due to medical miscommunication, which fueled his passion for improving how people interact and understand each other.

Brett was one of the first guests on The Business Owner's Journey podcast: Brett Bartholomew: The Power of Effective Communication and Self-Awareness

Professional Journey and Achievements

With over 15 years of experience, Brett has coached professional and Olympic athletes across 23 sports worldwide. His book, Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-In, became an international bestseller and was ranked in Amazon's Top 100 Books Overall. This book has been influential not only in the sports world but also among leaders in big businesses, small businesses, finance, technology, the military, and other sectors.

Art of Coaching

Brett's experiences and insights led to the creation of Art of Coaching, a company dedicated to helping leaders and organizations navigate communication complexities, power dynamics, and trust-building. Art of Coaching offers a research-based, practical approach to transforming interactions and relationships.

The Art of Coaching Podcast

Launched in 2019, The Art of Coaching Podcast has gained significant popularity, boasting over 300 episodes, subscribers in more than 100 countries, and over 1 million downloads. The podcast delves into real-world leadership strategies and hard-hitting topics, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in leadership and communication.

Current Research and Personal Life

Currently, Brett is conducting doctoral research at the University of Central Lancashire, focusing on power dynamics, persuasion, and optimizing change management within organizations. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and son, balancing his professional pursuits with family life. His second book is due out in 2025.

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Brett Bartholomew's Impact on Leadership and Communication

Brett Bartholomew is best known for his profound impact which goes beyond entrepreneurial leadership and extends into leadership and communication strategies for all types of relationships. His work is rooted in promoting self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and adaptability among leaders. By focusing on contextual competence and power literacy, Brett helps individuals and organizations achieve personal growth and enhance their communication skills.


Brett Bartholomew's dedication to improving communication and leadership dynamics is evident through his extensive coaching career, best-selling book, and influential podcast. His research and practical guidance continue to shape how leaders and organizations operate, making him a pivotal figure in the fields of coaching and communication strategy.

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